Richard Knight creates paintings in an impressionistic style, he sees himself as a visual interpreter. Being a lover of figurative painting and surface texture he's brought his own style to bear on his subject matter.


Capturing a moment of stillness. 

Richard has always seen the urban environment with the eyes of a tourist, looking at buildings, people, vehicles - objects and colours, observing, appreciating and trying to paint with feeling as well as description.

In a style best summarised as Classic Modernist he combines observational mark-making with layers of abstract texture and colour.


It is his practice to make several drawings and paintings of the same subject with each one evolving in a different way due to the concerted randomness of mark making, overpainting, scraping back, repainting.

Eventually the focus moves from the subject matter to the surface of the painting which takes on a life of its own in the pursuit of attaining a figurative and yet abstract interpretation of the familiar.


Richard's work hangs in private collections in Europe, the Middle East and the United States. Galleries representation in the United Kingdom includes: Kendalls Fine Art Gallery in Cowes; No Naked Walls in Guildford; The Art Agency in Esher; Box Galleries - Kings Road, Chelsea; Wyecliffe Gallery, Weybridge and Luminaire Art, Pimlico, London. He is represented online with RiseArt.

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